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We are an old-school drinkery inspired by the history of the Prohibition era and a long legacy of inventive flask-fillers keeping people happy for decades.

We’re the anti-establishment: pairing our obsession with the highest quality coffee and cocktail craft with a fierce love of people and an admittedly big dash of mischief.

Where else but an actual Principal’s Office (true story!) would you find an eclectic crew cozied up and clinking glasses—from misfits and moms, outcasts and overachievers, to former captains of the chess team and current captains of industry.
Everyone’s welcome at the P.O.




Ivywild School is a place where neighbors, friends, colleagues, and visitors can meet and mingle. Formerly an elementary school, Ivywild School re-opened in 2012 as a hub for the best of our community.

From local cuisine and craft beverage, to gathering spaces, education, events, music, art and gardens, the Ivywild School continues to be a hotspot of activity throughout the day through the reimagined school rooms.